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With me, you will find a space where you can let go, express yourself, encounter your self.   



Being in suffering prevents you from achieving fulfillment.

Anxiety, distress, angst, depression, weariness, tiredness, procrastination, insomnia ... You are in mourning, a burnout at work, you (re)live trauma, domestic violence, you isolate yourself ...

You suffer from addiction to substances, to people, to behaviors. 

Undertaking psychotherapy means taking time for yourself in a setting where you can encounter your difficulties. With an unbiased perspective, I accompany you in your journey.


My practice is open to adults and teenagers.


Being bilingual French-English, I am also available for native English speakers.




I am a Psycho-Organic Analysis (PAO) therapist, taking a  a psycho-corporal approach to psychotherapy. PAO is a humanistic, non-directive, body-oriented psychotherapy. We work with images, dreams, physical and verbal expression, an in-depth work in a philosophy of empowering patients in their therapeutic process.

Individual Therapy

I receive patients in individual therapy. Because each of us has a unique story, I accompany each individual to (re)find their life momentum, their identity, their own personal creativity. It is a journey and a commitment for each patient to make the step, to take the time to listen to oneself.


Having a thorough knowledge of addictions (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, medicated drugs, sex, games, co-dependencies ...), I accompany and support individuals to regain their autonomy and freedom to choose.


I also welcome teenagers. Adolescence is a pivotal period between the childhood and adulthood. At this age, the inner movements are strong and sometimes contradictory: impulsivity of life and at the same time paralysis to take the step, to express emotions which feel hypersensitive. This can bring about important conflicts. Seizing the opportunity to talk to a professional adult helps to unravel and to grow.

Therapy Group

I also lead therapeutic groups. What the individual does not see about their behavior in interpersonal relationships will be revealed in a group. A person can become aware of their dysfunctions in the relationship to others as if facing a mirror. This work is complementary to individual therapy.


Being bilingual French-English, I also receive English native speakers.

(English Therapy).


Contact Information

Phone : 06 64 71 61 82

Mail :

3 rue d'Ormesson, 75004 Paris

Metro: St Paul ou Bastille

Consultation times

Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM and Saturday from 11AM to 3PM.

A session lasts 55 minutes.

Only by appointment by phone or email.


Individual Consultation: 70 €

Student Consultation: 50 €

Payment is made in cash or by check at the end of each session.

Consultations must be canceled 24 hours in advance, otherwise full fee is due.




The consultations are not reimbursed by Social Security. However, some complementary health insurances offer packages allowing the partial or total refund of consultations. Do not hesitate to inquire with yours.



The therapy can be done in French or in English for native English speakers.



For more information, you can reach me by phone or by the contact form below.

Merci ! Message envoyé.



Studies and research on-going

Education and Diplomas

Specialization in developmental psychology and clinical psychology of children and adolescents at EFAPO, Paris, 2018-2020.


Non Violent Communication Training NVC in Paris since 2016.


CEP European Certificate of Psychotherapy, clinical research work on the theme of From the ontological insecurity to the security in the therapeutic relationship, EFAPO, Paris 2018-2022.

My status

> I adhere to EFAPO's Charter and Code of Ethics in Psycho-Organic Analysis.

> I am a member of SOFRAPSY.


> I am affiliated and board member of the Association of Psycho-Organic Analysis AAPO.


> I am a Member of the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis FF2P.


> My practice is regularly supervised.

> I am also a volunteer therapist for APSoS.

Psychotherapist in POA at the French School of Psycho-Organic Analysis (EFAPO), theoretical and practical teaching of psychotherapy.


DU (university diploma) Paris Descartes Addictology: Morbidity and psychiatric comorbidities directed by Dr. Laqueille, Hospital Ste. Anne.


Practices and observations in institutions specialized in addiction studies:

  > in Addiction studies

at CSAPA Moreau de Tours, Sainte-Anne Hospital, Paris


and at the AURORE Therapeutic Community , Aubervilliers

  > in Drug Addiction

at CSAPA Pierre Nicole of the French Red Cross, Paris 

  > in Alcool addiction

at the Hospital of Argenteuil 

  > in Nicotine addiction

at the Hospital Tenon, Paris

Individual Psychoanalytic Psychodrama for Adolescents with the psychoanalyst Prosper Chaboche at the Étienne Marcel center, day hospital in Paris.


B.A. of fashion design Academy of Art College, San Francisco, USA.

Bachelor fashion stylist double degree fashion design - model making in Esmod, Paris.



Scientific Baccalaureate/ US English.



Psycho-Organic Analysis

The French School of Psycho-Organic Analysis (EFAPO)

The POA is based on the major concepts of psychoanalysis such as the unconscious, transference and countertransference, impulses, primary and secondary processes but also the symbolic, the imaginary, the real, the dream. We work on the intra-psychic, inter-relational, inter and trans-generational level and finally with the body; the spirit and the flesh being one.

Paul Boyesen, founder of the school in 1980, writes: "Psycho-Organic Analysis not only gives importance to the meaning and the feeling of the experience, but also to the verb that binds them."


EFAPO is a private higher education training organization which is accredited in France by the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis FF2P and by the National Association of Psychotherapy Practitioners SNPPSY as well as in Europe by The European Association of Psychotherapy EAP who issues the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP).

Links about POA:


Psycho-Organic Analysis: official presentation of the book published in 2017 at Harmattan.


Article in the magazine Psychologie n°382 of February 2018.


The POA method described in SOFRAPSY.



Traveling, encountering different cultures, communicating in different languages ​​and experiencing other ways of seeing the world have shaped me since my conception.

Before and since my birth,  I lived in the Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean, in Europe and in the United States. The English language entered my sound field in parallel with the French language.

At 18, with the baccalaureate, I hesitated between studies in psychology or in art. I asked myself : how was I going to accompany, as a psychologist, people questioning their lives, not knowing myself who I was?


I chose the world of arts and fashion. The garment, the materials, the colors, the image as an appearance and style fascinated me. Building an aesthetic piece as useful as a cover, a protection, a camouflage, a transformation attracted and challenged me as well.


I was a stylist for Agnès b., a brand that I followed as a young shopping teen. This house interested me for its atypical approach to fashion, where the garment is built to be comfortable and pleasant to the skin depending on the singularity of each person. Later, in therapy, I found this respect for the patient's personal evolution, moving at their own pace towards the emergence of one's individuality.

I began a psychotherapy. I encountered a new language that I had been searching for for a long time, a dialogue with myself and with the other, to discover oneself.


My 3 children taught me to become a mother and with therapy, I also learned to become my own good parent.

I started to look elsewhere, to think otherwise. Back at the crossroads of choice, I resumed my studies in psychology this time at the French School of Psycho-Organic Analysis (EFAPO). This school offers the apprentice therapist the opportunity to work with oneself as a first patient with one's own psyche and body. It is fundamental to experience oneself to accompany someone else.


I opened my psychotherapy practice, after 25 years of research, creation, production in fashion and 20 years of personal therapeutic work in POA. These two parallel processes reflect my construction. A voyage from the outside to the inside. I come from a profession of the beauty of appearance and today as a therapist, I seek what is behind the appearance without losing beauty, accompanied by kindness. I worked in the garment industry, today these clothes have become symbolic to build limits not too near, nor too distant, just right for each self.


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